App Development

Click Simply, frankly, loves app development. We can create a great variety of apps, for many purposes. From a simple scheduling app, to eCommerce solutions for your customers, we can make it compatible for any android or IOS device. We use modern web technologies to rapidly develop even the most complex systems in a relatively short amount of time. Whether your app is more utilitarian, or entertaining, we can create pretty much anything you can think of. No limits.

No limits in this context means with enough time, effort, and resources, we can create anything you come up with in the app world. Each app is adaptive to tablets, phones, and any other device where an app might be. We can also integrate your app with your current website, making it a snap to update your menu, CRM software or otherwise. Click Simply will work with your ideas to create a solution that will improve the efficiency and profits of your business, and leave you wondering what you ever did without it.

App Features

User Interface Design

User interface design basically means we make app designs that are easy to use. Have you ever seen an app that was too complex? You download it, start playing around, and then quickly exit because of all the extra buttons and bugs. Click Simply chunks down the complexity of the information your consumer wants to see. This makes for a clutter-free app that is simple to use, and keeps people from becoming confused, and you from losing sales. Click Simply specializes in useable, practical apps that will give you, and/ or your customer a simply elegant solution.


Have you ever opened an app, and it took forever to load? This causes a serious loss of interest in a world where most are not willing to wait 10 seconds to load a web page, never mind an app. Apps are only useful when they’re fast. The functionality, customizability and simplicity of the systems make our apps the best. Useful for everything from organizing your sales process to creating a fun game for your customers to enjoy, we have no limits. Click Simply provides you the best that the future has to offer.

Text/SMS Notifications

Our apps utilize push notifications, a cutting edge technology to engage directly with your customers. Let’s say you want people to come in to your store in the next hour for a sale. A notification will come up on their phone, letting you engage directly with your customer. You will be surprised by how well this works! You can also engage customers as new products are released, and many other possibilities. Everyone has their attention nowadays on their cell phones whenever they have a break, making your notification sure to be get noticed.

eCommerce Apps

Click Simply supplies amazingly useful apps for ecommerce. These will integrate with your website, allowing you to organize your promotions and products effortlessly. Our ecommerce apps are simple to navigate, allowing your customer to make purchasing decisions without the frustration. This means that your customer is more likely to follow through on their purchase to checkout, and also, to return. With Click Simply you are choosing the most convenient apps for the most forward thinking businesses.

App Maintenance Plans

All of our apps come with a 90 day guarantee of bug fixes, and other maintenance concerns. With this, we make sure your app continues working as it was meant to, and will back up the information you provide on the app to our servers, should we host it. You can trust our commitment to supplying the best and most current apps for your company.

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