Content Creation

Content Creation is serious business. You may not realize this, but the internet is basically a giant content creation platform. Wherever you go, people are releasing art, images and writing that were created to be consumed immediately. This is great, but the problem is staying relevant in a world where new content is constantly pumped out, is hard. It is also hard to sort through what information is relevant, and each person who accesses this information has their own internal way of sorting through all of the clutter.

Click Simply helps you stand out in this noisy world. Our superior content entertains, informs and generally keeps people in touch with your business. We will also decide on a tone for each individual platform, creating a “voice” for your company. These will be designed with your branding, and demographic in mind, creating an immersive experience. In addition, content is only as good as the package it comes in, and our stellar designs will keep your viewers eyes right where you want them.

Content Features


Our copywriting services benefit your business in more ways than one. Did you know that the more grammar mistakes you have on your website, the less likely your website will show up on a search engine? This means not just anyone should write your website content, as they could lower your ranking. On the other hand, having high-caliber copy on your website not only helps people find your site, but also makes them take you seriously. Click Simply creates copy like no other, making the professional and the entertaining come together in one easy to consume bundle.


Your branding communicates to the world exactly what you are about. Having a cohesive brand, image and voice is extremely important. Your branding is the base that your ads, social media, and marketing converge on. Making this base strong is the first priority in any business, and a huge deal in the online world. Click Simply can help organize your ideas, creating a cohesive brand to fall back on, and a deeper connection between you and the consumer. We’ll even consult with you to design a new logo, if necessary.

Graphic Design

Your website deserves to look its best. It is a digital embodiment of what your company stands for, and can communicate a lot through the look of it. Other types of design, including brochures, newsletters and other media are also important, as they directly interact with your customer. Giving your website a makeover doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can even be fun, and spur new ideas for digital marketing. Click Simply will give you a professional, modern look wherever you need to show your best face.


Logos, headers, and illustrations can be frustrating to produce on your own. Click Simply knows the best ways to combine simplicity, style and function to any illustration you may need for your website. Our artist has been working professionally for over 25 years, and has the ability to take on any style you might throw at him. If flexibility and unique imagery is important to you, Click Simply has just what you are looking for. We can easily integrate illustrations into your website design for a custom look that really stands out.

Blog Writing

Blogs are everywhere. From your dentist’s website, to your cousins travel blog, there are many different styles, and topics covered. Having a blog on your website is also important for your seo, as it generates new terms for people to search for. Click Simply provides blogs in all our social media plans. Think you don’t need a blog? It’s possible your style of blog is different than most, but there are many ways to expound on a traditional blog. Releasing blogs as news or integrating them into your newsletters is a great way to market digitally.

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