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Click Simply does not just provide web services. We provide services that all tie together, giving you better brand recognition, visibility, and making your company look even more professional and established. There are hundreds of ways to interact with the web, on many different platforms. We elevate your business with the latest technologies, and combine multiple strategies to promote sales and help your business flourish. In short, we help navigate the maze in a way that is unique to your company.

You may have noticed our company mantra is “No Limits.” This is because we know that anything is possible, given enough time, effort and resources. This also means that no matter what your company needs in the digital realm, we can do it. This is why we call ourselves web experts, not just experts for a specific platform (wordpress, etc.) We can do everything from a simple one page website, to Facebook level website building. Literally, everything web.

Website Features

Website Strategy

Our website strategy involves quite a bit of intricate research. We take in your branding, clients personalities, business practices and much more. From there we design your website in a way that will appeal to your demographic, and showcase what you have to offer. We also recommend technologies, custom built for your website, and other services such apps, as well social media strategies that funnel back to your website. We offer a completely integrative experience for anyone looking to keep their business relevant in the digital age.

Responsive Design

Nothing is worse for appearances than when you open a website on your phone, and it is not mobile friendly. The same is true for macs, tablets, and many other devices. We take care of that for you. Every single one of our websites is responsive, and incredibly simple to use on any device. This means you will reach a larger, more diverse audience in a world where most people spend much of their time online on their phone. Modern, user friendly designs make your clients take you seriously, the first time they set eyes on your website.

SEO Optimized Pages

It’s hard to impress people with your website when they can’t see it. Think about it, what is the first thing you do when looking for someone’s website? Google it. If your business in not in the top relevant searches, chances are people will have a hard time finding you. Seo optimized content on your website means people will find you much more easily. The search terms are easily tailored to your branding and digital marketing, further separating you from the competition.

Social Media Link-Overs

Social Media and your website should be best friends. They should have each other’s contact information, making it easy for one to connect to the other. This means your social media should link out to your website in several places, and your website should link out to your various social media. We include these little icons on your web page, because it is hugely important. It will help you monetize your social media presence, as well as keep an open conversation between yourself and your consumer.

Detailed Website Analytics

As we build your website, your past web analytics will be integral to understanding the flow of traffic coming to your page. After we release your new website, we will also integrate our own analytics tracking, which will further help you, and us to understand your clientele, and the pages they care about most. In addition, the data gathered will generate ideas for expanding your digital marketing, making it easy to place your ads where people are most likely to see them. Overall, this only helps your bottom line, and you will have exclusive access to all data.

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